The Deschutes Partnership is comprised of four non-profit organizations - the Deschutes Land Trust, Deschutes River Conservancy, Upper Deschutes Watershed Council and Crooked River Watershed Council. We work collaboratively to restore habitat necessary for self-sustaining populations of wild salmon and steelhead in the Metolius River, Whychus Creek and the lower Crooked River.

Each organization plays a distinct role in achieving the long-term restoration needed to support the reintroduction of salmon and steelhead into the Upper Deschutes sub-basin. The Watershed Councils restore riparian habitat, address fish passage and screening needs, facilitate water quality monitoring programs and engage in community outreach and education. The Deschutes River Conservancy restores and protects streamflows, and the Deschutes Land Trust works with private land-owners to conserve critical lands.

While many non-profits often compete with one another for funding, the members of The Deschutes Partnership have committed to an alternative approach based on collaboration, strategic integration, and leveraging organizational resources. A nationally recognized model for collaboration, the collective efforts of The Deschutes Partnership have brought efficiency, focus and leverage in increasing the pace and scale of restoration work in the Metolius River, Whychus Creek, and the lower Crooked River.