The Deschutes Partnership has a strong track record of producing conservation outputs that have been shown to lead to the ecological outcomes needed to support salmon and steelhead reintroduction in the Upper Deschutes sub-basin.

Over the course of the past ten years, the four organizations that comprise The Deschutes Partnership have completed more than fifty projects in the Metolius River, Whychus Creek, and the lower Crooked River. This work includes noteworthy conservation achievements such as restoring Whychus Creek at Camp Polk Meadow Preserve, ensuring that Whychus Creek has live flow during summer months, establishing fish passage at the Three Sisters Irrigation District’s diversion, conserving one of the most ecologically significant private properties in the Metolius Basin, and addressing passage and screening at four large diversion structures on the mainstem Crooked River.



Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board Deschutes Special Investment Partnership 2015 Accomplishments Summary Report